Post-Crisis: Losers & Winners

Following a possible end to coronavirus restrictions some sectors are set to be recovered, and some may not be as lucky.

Source: The Independent Turkish

Growth-expected sectors

Canan Duman, an instructor to corporate bodies, underlined that the pandemic showed the importance of diversifying resources for businesses active in manufacturing industry, and that there is a need to revise traditional health systems with the industry itself.

According to Duman, pharmaceutical, medical, telehealth services, personalised health technology industries are expected to be amongst the sectors expected to recover and grow along with such sectors as financial tech, educational tech, human resources technology, information technologies, cloud computing, cyber-security, telecommunication, e-commerce, online shops, logistics, agriculture, renewable energy, home entertainment / gaming, dentistry, cosmetics, hair and beauty salons.

Less lucky sectors

As a result of such a wearing period, people, even after the normalisation, will be afraid to stay in enclosed, air-conditioned and crowded places for longer out of the fear of being sick.

Reasons such as avoiding collective coexistence, increasing unployment and decreasing business meals will constitute an obstacle to go to restaurants and cafes, but a gradual improvement may be seen. Alongside with the decrease in number of retail stores, there may be customers with a fear of entering stores or of trying an outfit that may be tried by another.

Some other sectors that maybe affected negatively by the pandemic are as follows;

  • Non-urgent needs (purchase on credit): automotive, white appliances, furniture
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Tourism, travel, car rental, airport stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Events organising
  • News printing
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