- Expertises

Business Consulting

We help people, in accordance with their experiences, where and how to invest or enter new markets.

Offshore Company

We help people up until their offshore company is formed, and help them find accountants in the jurisdiction in question.

Strategic Consulting

We guide you through the preparation of your business plan and strategies to grow.

Language Services

With a broad network of certified translators and interpreters, we offer quality translation services.

Visa Services

Visa application may be a very exhausting process, with a team of experts and consulting solicitors we help you through the process.

Digital Services

With our digital experts, we provide secure websites and an astonishing control over social media.

- Our Strategy

- Please be aware that this process is unique for each person and should be handled accordingly.

All the documents, experiences and financial backgrounds of each person are different than others, and that’s why this process – for an ultimate success in the end – differs from anyone else’s. This process may take longer than expected.

- We are

  • Business Experts
  • Visa Counsellors
  • Web Design Specialists
  • Professional Freelancers
  • Certified Linguists
  • Social Media Experts

to take the first step into becoming an overall solution for corporate bodies and individuals wishing to expand overseas.

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